December 9th, 2002


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This weekend was the second anniversary of our gaming group. Yup, two years ago, we went over to Atomic Comics for their D&D movie tie-in event. They promised a 3rd ed demo. I suppose they got one when Eric and I "threw down" with the only other guy carrying gaming books with him, Etmundo. And the three of us gathered the attention of several of the Dragon Ball Z players, Chris, Nick and AJ. Well, Nick has left us, Bill has come and gone, along with a bunch that we don't miss since our falling out with Atomic Comics. The game has moved here for the better, even if some weekends are more bullshit than game. We celebrated Saturday with cheese, crackers, and brownies. It was a good session.

I'm glad I finally picked up this album. It's never been my favorite of Vega's, but there's some songs I would end up humming and not have them. Like this one.

Saturday night I fell asleep on the couch at about 1 am. I slept there until 6. All the while, Eric had been playing Marrowind (it's evil I tell ya, EVIL). He offered the computer to me, but I wanted a couple hours in bed first. He had me wake him at noon. Then we went on a marathon shopping trip this afternoon. After Eric called Michelle and Mark to see what the nieces might want for Christmas, we headed out. First stop, lunch. This was at about 3pm and we were both feeling a bit peeky. Sandwiches at Fazoli's was followed by a trip to Walmart. Exhausting place. We bought a new mouse at Best Buy along with this album (B-day gift money from Oma and Grandpa purchased it). Then over to Borders for children's books. That might have been the end of it, but I insisted we stop at Blockbuster for a movie. I had thought Minority Report was out, but I was wrong. I settled instead for The Count of Monte Cristo. Since I've only read half of the book, I can't vouche for its accuracy. It was an okay movie, the end a little ho-hum. I also picked up, to own, Kate and Leopold (second part of B-day present from the grand parents).

Now, two movies and dinner later, I'm...tired. I ran out of tape or I'd still be working wrapping the books we bought for Lauren, Gwen, and Hailey. I need to get those sent tomorrow. And order the Nabity's "this-is-not-a-present, it's-just-cheese-and-sausage-because-you-always-have-so-many-people-over". Other than the books, all my shopping was done on-line this year. Keeping my fingers crossed that it all ends up where it should be.

Will I get back to some semblence of "normal" this week? *sigh* Maybe I'll just redefine normal. That always seems to work. Seriously, I need to get back to work on Marie II. I was thinking over a few ideas Tuesday when I was sucking at disc. I hope I still remember them. They were logical things.

PMS is getting to me. And my hands hurt like nuts tonight. I'm about ready to clap on another set of copper bracelets.

And there's a strange anxious undertone to everything. It's coming out especially in my dreams. I don't remember them particularly, but it's there. Probably just a few too many loose ends with packages winging their ways around, money being spent, and stuff split between two computers still.

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Okay, up early...well earlier than Eric. I've been fiddling around with MSN and I realize I've forgotten my password. If I can get the MSN connection working on my other computer, I will have no second thoughts about getting rid of AbleData (until my free 6 months is over at MSN). But I feel so disloyal. AbleData has been by and large very good to me.

I should install Corkboard on this computer. I miss my check-off to-do lists. But it's bundled with other junk software. I hate junkware.

Hm... Another person wanting me to interpret a dream for them. I wouldn't mind it, but I hope they realize that I only had a minor in Psyche in college and I'm really only guessing.

I'm attempting not to stress out. It's not working.

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Of course I ran out of packing tape in the middle of packing the nieces' packages. That's just how it goes. Fah... I think masking tape will work alright. The boxes are new and sturdy.

Linda (captain of upcoming "B" team) e-mailed me. She likes my team name suggestions. She's going to bounce them off people at her holiday party next Monday, but right now Daring Dames of Disc is winning.

Okay, off to the post office for the second time today.

Middle Ages References

After an hour and a half tantrum about how much of a frickin' idiot I am, I guess I'd best get to work. And as I write, I will continue clean and transfer my bookmarks. Here's a set I dug up for research on Marie.

Misconceptions about the Middle Ages
Medieval History at
Annenberg Exhibit
New York Carver
Women's History at
Maps of Italy