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September 23rd, 2002


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Well, here it is, 12:15 on a Monday. I'm trying to stay motivated. I have written around 550 words, done some yoga, and goofed off quite a bit. I've been reading my entries from last year and I was at the same place with my motivation that I am now. I crave cooler weather.

The weekend was fairly un-notable. Not a bad thing, just a nice relaxed weekend. We did go play some frisbee Saturday morning with the co-ed team. I needed the extra exercise.

Need to get back to writing. I should do some research, need to have Eric read too. Need to avoid feeling frustrated by lack of feedback/response from publishers.

(no subject)


I can't think of a firkin' word.
It means out of line with, like overreaction or exaggeration, but in comparison to something else. My brain keeps going to the work inconsequential, which is not the word, has nothing to do with the other word.


734 words.