September 10th, 2001


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Hmm. Monday.

Summer is officially over for me even though the equinox is still a few days off. It is time to get back to work.

I'm up early. Not because I'm raring to go, but because Eric needed to get out the door early to get the part for Hefty. We worked on the truck all day yesterday to no avail. So he push started it and was on his way.

Eric read through nearly all of Marie in the flights to and from Nebraska. So there is of course some rewriting to do. To my surprise he was happy with the raid on the temple part. I was figering on major changes although I am quite happy with it all. Now all that is left, basically, is Part III. Shall I dive into it? I probably should, huh?

I nearly got all the unpacking done yesterday. There are still some clothes that need to be put away and a stack of books to be logged into the database and put away. "Don't they have books in Arizona?" my mother asked. Well, yeah, but I had never found a hardback Richard Laymon down here and can I help it that Bluestem had a sale on books pretaining to Marie? *grin* And then there are the books at my parent's and in-law's. A good number of the books I bought in college have been left at my parent's house. Every time I visit I grab a few. The in-law's have books formerly belonging to the late Father Nabity. I never got the chance to meet Father Nabity, but I think I would have liked him. He died suddenly of an aneurism a few years back. The books, mostly of religious nature, are ours if we want them. And why wouldn't we want them? So I grabbed a few of Father's books as well.

Yes, I have too many books.

Also there's an issue of HWA newsletter to go through, and I never did go through all the CritPal people....

(Please pardon the poor spelling. I forgot to check the spell checker.)

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Ug. I can only read so many market listings before my eyes go blurry and my mind goes numb.

Getting used to the heat again is tough. It was so beautiful and cool in NE. And here it's the same old 100+. The heat is zapping me. I feel so tired and drained and it's only 10am.

Too bad I don't have a scanner. I got some little Eric pictures. It's amazing how much his baby pictures look just like him, only slightly blonder.

I also saw a picture of my cousin Kathy-Jo and her family, even little Azura. They looked so happy, so well. But the stories are that they were everything but. I'll never know the truth and that makes me sad.