April 2nd, 2001



I think I'm done catching up from the weekend. I'm done drinking my apricot tea so I must be, for now at least.

Today I get back to work. Aside from writing, I'm going to send Lucinda (whole manuscript) to DAW and proposals to Tor and maybe ROC again. They were the only two publishers thus far that gave any hope that they might be open to it in the future. I also need to send a letter/e-mail to Leisure asking if they've seen/responded to Lucinda yet. I haven't heard from them and it's been quite a while. First, I need to figure out how to write such a letter... Also on the agenda today, laundry.

The weekend was good. I still have this restlessness. I'm tired of the routine. Every weekend it's the same. It's so hard to get Eric to do other things. We live in a city full of concerts, fairs, going-ons. And yet we never go do anything. We did go to a movie yesterday. "Enemy at the Gates." It was eh... It seemed too sentimental, the young English men not quite cut out for the parts. It didn't make me feel much of anyhting while watching it.

Today I'm feeling optimistic and energized. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to write today, but I feel sure something will come. The monkey mind has been too too prominant and after so long off, it's chattering is drowned out by the need to GET ON WITH IT! So something will be written. :) I don't know if I'm going to get an hour of reading in. I want to, but I don't know where. I'm going to start laundry early, work on Lucinda stuff, write after lunch, exercise, then read(?) Dinner tonight is at a place we passed on the way to the movie: "European Bistro and Fine German Food." It will count as out new place for the month and cover the Oscar bet.

Okay, okay, sorry for the ramble. I'm going now. :)

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Well Shiznit!
I was sure that the 9.5 inch envelopes were big enough and was what I used last time, but I guess not. Well Lucinda is printed and bundled, but I'll have to get some different envelopes. *sigh* Yet another trip to Target I guess.

Well, laundry is done, Lucinda is at a stand still, lunch has been had. I even did the check book while I was waiting for the ms to print. So I guess it's time to write. Eric kept trying to "help" at lunch asking what I was going to write. I'm enthusiastic about getting back to work, but on the other hand, I don't know what I'm going write. *shrug*

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Okay, got 1000 words done! Actually more like 1200 since I started at negative 200 after I changed the part that I rewrote several weeks ago. EEE-HAAA! It was a rough, rough 1000 words, lemme tell ya. Now... What to do since it's already past 5pm. I think I'll go for a 20 min yoga tape, shower, get dressed for dinner, than then read until Eric gets home. Yes I know. Reading is again on the bottom of the list, but today has been a busy day.

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