March 27th, 2001


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OMG there might actually be an good segment on "Sonoran Living" (on immune responce diseases which are facinating to me, but there is very little about the human body that doesn't interest me). I suppose since I've watched Martha Stewart, anything can happen.

Becoming Caffeinated

Eric kept me up late last night. Neither of us could sleep. So today it's coffee, coffee, coffee.

It's amazing how often I say I'm going to read and never get around to doing it. Today I need to do dishes, roll a battle between my NPCs and some bad guys, exercise, maybe look for some good backgrounds for the Rifts site I'm planning. *yawn*

Or maybe I'll sit back and read, heh heh. I only have four days of "vacation" left.

I'm missing Nebraska a bit today. I know that must sound hick, but it's a nice place. There's something about the land that gets into you. I'm getting along better with Arizona, but I go to UNL's website and I'm lost. I miss the days when I would go downtown and spend all day there. Walk to Bluestem books, eat at Schlotzsky's, sit in Sheldon's sculpture garden and read, take in a movie, then check out the other bookstores. I miss running into Ryan Roberts and going to O'Rourke's for a drink or two or four. Usually a cheap pitcher of Boulavarde Wheat beer that O'Rourke's has on tap that I can't find outside the Heartland. Big wooden benches (the exact thing that in Eric's opinion would be the perfect gaming table). YiaYia's Pizza of which Oregano's isn't quite like. 1427, a dance club that I will probably never find the likes of again. That whole two blocks of O Street is filled with gems.

But yet, I feel strangely content looking back on it. I will write about it all one day, I know it.