December 7th, 2000


(no subject)

I'm up and got all my usual morning stuff done and it's not even nine. I should get up when the alarm first rings everyday.

I'm debating whether or not I want to excercise at 9. I don't, but mainly because I'm fed up with aerobics. I have been getting along better with yoga again, so (DUH) I should probably just do that. Which is better in the afternoon. It's amazing how I fight little logical changes like that. Yoga is far better than doing nothing. Plus I do weights and crunches too. So NI!

Anyway...I'm rambling because I'm a little tired.

I turned off the TV. I see no point in *my* listening to lawyers and judges in Florida when I can get a sum-up later in the day. I will turn it back on at 10 to see if they actually indend to show anything else today. Turned on The Doors instead.

My favorite day:
I began in the hole-in-the-wall apartment I had last in Lincoln. Terrible, depressing place. Eric was playing AD on my computer and I was itching to work on Lucinda. So I took my then work-in-progress and went to campus.

It was durning my last spring in Lincoln and while I was working full time, I was working an odd schedule which left me with a weekday off. Walking through downtown Lincoln during a weekday is a slightly different experience than walking through at anyother time. For one, everyone is sober. The sidewalks and streets are populated with professionals in suits going to work, to lunch, and with grad students who live off campus and park somewhere in the depths of down town. The later group doesn't look as spiffy, but they have that professional aura about them too.

I stopped on my way to the sculpture garden on campus at Walgreens. I brosed for a bit, it's one of htose things I like doing. Browsing through drug stores. Going through the make-up looking for deals, the hair do-hickeys, the magazine rack. I decided I wanted something to munch on while I worked. Something that wouldn't be terribly bad for me but that would keep my mouth occupied. I settled on a bag of Jelly Bellys and started off again.

The sculpture garden was nearly empty as it usually is. The hard cement benches scare off anyone intent on working or making out, so it is blissfully quiet. Just the sounds of the fountains bubbling and the traffic a few blocks away. I find the sound of traffic comforting. Growing up we lived two blocks from one of the more main streets in Omaha. Ive always had the sound of traffic and far-away trains in my head.

I claimed my favorite bench under the bridge and worked. Editing. Crossing off this, re-reading, changing words, things I hadn't gotten done in weeks. And every-so-often, I'd grab a jelly bean and try to decide what flavor it was. After a while, my editing was done and I decided I wanted a change of venue to write a little. Home wasn't sounding like a great option so I headed to the fountain outside the Union.

They had recently put in a new fountain there, and I wasn't sure how I liked it. The old one was plain, round. I had spent many late nights talking to friends there. This new one... It was a symbol of the changes that had been going on, at the University and my own life. I was no longer a student there, but I still belonged, at least a little to that place. But you can never go home again, and without me as a student, it had morphed, it was something different.

The new fountain is nice. Rocks and steps, primordial and mordern all in one. They did a good job with the design. So I moved HQ to the fountain. Laid out my jacket to sit on. Got out my manuscript. Got out my Jelly Belly's. And there in front of all the people gathered there, eating, socailizing, studying, I wrote and wrote. Of course no one paid me any mind. Why would they? I finished a good chunk of work that day.

On the way back, I walked past the theaters to see what was paying and when. It was only about 2 in the afternoon. Lo and behold, I could catch Blair Witch. Did I want to see it alone? I knew Eric wouldn't want to see it. So I bought myself a ticket and topped the day off with a good scary movie. The movie is an experience and it left me rattled and satisfied.

I got back to the apartment and Eric was still there still playing on the computer. I think I had a better day than he did.