November 28th, 2000


Good sleep last night

I slept so well last night. Just amazingly. I was very tired, physically, last night but I didn't get to sleep until almost 12:30. And oh, it was just good...

Dreamt of shopping at some antique store. And I didn't steal anything. A strange thing, I have the tendancy to shop lift in my dreams. But not last night. The store was a different one than I usually dream of. It was full of beautiful and ornate wood furniture. I bought a small green stuffed bear and ate a sugar cookie that looked like the bear. It was very vanilla tasting. I was at the store with a guy that reminded me of Riley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a girl that I can't remember the details of aside from the fact that I liked her alot. The Riley-guy liked me and I liked the girl. I believe she was a brunette. Also dreamed of being a superhero of some sort. But a male superhero. I think I've had that one before. It was kind of like a sporting event, fighting the bad guys. We fought in and on the top of a huge maze. I won. And then drove away in an 1977 powder blue Camero.

Today I need to finish cleaning and balance the checkbook. I am the mood to exercise, but I've put on a little weight. *sigh* Maybe I'll walk again. The walking was really nice. Finished 600 words yesterday and a little bit of research.

Right now, wanna go back to sleep. :)

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Got my booty up and exercised. I could tell I hadn't done any aerobics in a week or so. If anything, it just feels good to get one thing out of the way for the day

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Well, while I did get the bathroom cleaned and some vaccuuming done, the rest of the day was taken up by...

Yes, I finally gave in and spent the entire afternoon and a good deal of this evening decorating. It's great looking. I didn't have any expectations of it so I'm very happy with it. There's a lot of browns and reds and oranges. Not much blue or purple. And gold and silver. It's beautiful. *smile*

So now I'm kicking back with a beer and just relaxing a little.

Ingrid has asked if I want to build for a new MUD she and someone else are creating. I'd love to, but I don't think I'll have time. The thought of turning descriptions of the town and manor from the book I'm writing into a MUD area has crossed my mind, but there's a lot of other work to do too that I think I would rather not do. It occurs to me that I haven't yet ran the idea past Eric. Just haven't talked about it yet. Hmm...

But now the big decision is...another beer or not...

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